TLA+ Foundation

Goals of the Foundation

The TLA+ Foundation (TLAF) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the adoption of the TLA+ specification language in industry, academia, and education, guided by the overall goal of advancing the mathematical thinking in software engineering. The TLAF funds development related to TLA+ to broaden its use and facilitate a thriving TLA+ community, encouraging cooperation among members of that community.

See the TLA+ Foundation Charter and the TLA+ Technical Charter for more details.

The values of the Foundation

The core principles guide the actions of the foundation:

  • Open source. The TLA+ Foundation will embrace the open-source ethos wholeheartedly. Whenever the TLAF develops or sponsors the development of tools and infrastructure, it will all be open-source under a permissive license. This is not limited to the result but also applies to how work is organized and carried out; the community at large has to be able to participate at each step of the journey.

  • Empowering the community. While the TLAF raises resources to fund development work, it also encourages volunteer efforts from industry, academia, and individuals. It attempts to coordinate all contributions to maximize their benefit to TLA+ users.

  • Transparent. All formal decision-making will be publicly accessible. The TLAF also strives to share ideas early to enhance collaboration and avoid duplicate efforts. Only certain categories of sensitive information (e.g., financial data and matters concerning particular individuals) may be kept confidential.

  • Open, friendly, and diverse. The TLAF strives to make sure that everyone is welcome and all can contribute. Also consider attending our regular project meetings.

Press Release

The TLA+ Foundation’s launch press release can be found here.


The TLA+ Foundation would not exist without the support of the Member organizations listed below. If your company or organization is interested in joining as a Member, please begin the process here.

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